The Parish Precept is that smaller part of your Council Tax bill that is set and controlled by your Parish Council. The amount of the precept is decided upon annually. 

The Precept covers items such as street lighting, grass cutting, play areas, minor running costs and repairs around the village as well as the Clerk and her office.

For the financial year commencing April 2019, the precept has been set at £28,116.  The assumed number of Band D equivalent properties in the Parish of Snitterfield, after allowing for discounts, is 577. Therefore the estimated amount of Council Tax for each Band D property is £42.30 p.a. or £0.81 per week.

The Council prioritise items within their area of authority according to the wishes of the Community as outlined in documents such as the Parish Plan. To ensure that these priorities remain current and valid, it is important that you let your Councillors or the Clerk know if there are matters that you would like addressed.